And now, mein Sprockets, we dance.

Obama won! (Did you hear? I know you count on me to keep you apprised of such things. This blog is nothing if not timely.) And all the things I wanted to happen in the local elections happened! I’m so full of relief my brain doesn’t know what to make of it. What is this calm, positive feeling? Why are my shoulders so far away from my ears? What is this strange ability to fall asleep at night? It’s just bizarre.

Now we get to just sit back and relax and enjoy this wonderful, fair, orderly home of ours where everyone’s needs are met and their rights are respected and… Yeah. More work ahead. So much work ahead.

But how about for now, just for a moment, we put that down long enough to dance? (PS: It’s an Amanda Palmer video, so NSFW)

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One comment on “And now, mein Sprockets, we dance.
  1. Leslie says:

    wow, what a different world from my 60-yr-old middle class small town existence. Altho in my younger days…

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