Hey, Oregon! Can we have a word before you fill in that ballot?

Our public schools are in sorry shape, and you know it. With the ballot you got in the mail last week, we can start to do something about that.

All of Oregon: please, please vote YES on State Measure 85 to reallocate the ridiculous corporate kicker to fund our schools.

Portland: Please vote YES on City Measure 26-146 to restore arts and music education to the public schools, and YES on 26-144 on the Public School District Bond.

And while I have your attention, because libraries are just as important to a healthy, happy city and a well-informed populace, give the awesome library system the love it deserves by voting YES on 26-143.

Thanks, all.

(Oh–and Barack. Big YES to him. That goes without saying, right? RIGHT?)

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2 comments on “Hey, Oregon! Can we have a word before you fill in that ballot?
  1. ToniC says:

    Right (sorry, can’t vote ont he Oregon issues).

  2. april says:

    Yay for Obama and libraries! Why is it that education and learning in general always get short shrift in a capitalist-centric society? Fingers crossed in this election for sure…

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