Playing catch-up

So much to tell you, SO much to tell you, and I keep not showing up here to do it. Man, things have been hectic. Let’s do this catch-up all list-like, because I think that’s going to be the best way to get this all done.

(Okay…so this post was all written, just waiting for me to plug in the photos and links, and then something crazy and wonderful happened today and it needs to be mentioned here, and I’m so excited about it it needs to be mentioned first. So consider this list item number zero: The Revolution of Every Day has been chosen as the Book of the Week by the editors of


And now, back to our regularly scheduled list to bring you all up to speed:


1. LitHop was last week and it was fantastic.

Dena Rash Guzman posted a great writeup of it on The Nervous Breakdown.

The Tin House reading, which I took part in, happened in a bar. A completely packed, seriously noisy bar. The audience was there for the readings, absolutely, and everyone was really engaged, but even so, reading in a bar as the second to last reader, nearly three hours into the audience’s drinking? Not for the faint of heart. Which made it that much more fun. Most writers I know secretly want to be rock stars, and what’s more rock n roll than trying to win over a bar full of drunk writers on a rainy Wednesday night?

My fraternal name twin, Kari Luna, was there, and so this happened (Lunas by bar light):

lunas unite

2. Wordstock was this past weekend and it was magical.

I gave a reading with the wonderful Laurie Blauner on Saturday and on Sunday I spoke on a panel about publishing with an independent press.

Look! Me, reading! Don’t I look all official and authory? Crazy.

reading at wordstock

3. I’ve been talking to people and doing stuff and writing words that people have been putting on the internet:

4. The Revolution of Every Day continues to make its way out into the world. Strangers have started saying nice things about it, which I like. I like that part a whole lot.

5. You can now buy the book in the US and Canada from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, The Strand, Indiebound, and your favorite local independent bookseller. (If they don’t have it, they can order it for you. No problem.)

6. You can now by the eBook for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo in the US. Canada very, very shortly to follow.

7. I’m headed to New York, with Billy and the kids along for the ride, next week. The book tour adventure continues!

8. This is all incredibly exciting. Also, I am very, very tired.

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5 comments on “Playing catch-up
  1. JudithNYC says:

    Except for the tired part, I am so happy for you! I saw the Kirkus review yesterday and was very impressed. Well, that and the Oprah thing. LOL

  2. Well-deserved … although I’m still reading, got about 50 pages to go. It’s a really good piece of work, Cari. I’m impressed and I am also quite happy for you. Congratulations for it all. (Plus, I’m learning shit about NY I never knew.)

  3. Caroline aka FiberTribe says:

    Yay! you deserve all the wonderfulness that’s flowing! Also, please ask TinHouse to check out having you do a reading at Books and Books in Miami, great Indie bookseller for years owned by Mitch Kaplan. Also, maybe Kings English bookstore in Salt Lake City? The SLC stitch and bitches could probably put you up to keep the costs down. The latter suggestion is made for strictly selfish reasons so I can finally sit down to coffee with you! heheheh. anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  4. Laurie says:

    Holy Cow! That is all such great news, I’m losing my mind FOR you! Are you even able to sleep right now?

    I’ve downloaded my copy and can’t wait to dig in.

    Have a blast in NY and way to go Cari! Congratulations for all of this! It has been so fun riding along with you on your journey here and seeing these things you want come to fruition.

  5. Marlena says:

    Congrats on the oprah coup!

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